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What challenges can a Quality of Interaction Certified Practitioner help with?

The Quality of Interaction® assessment is used internationally by Certified Practitioners to help individuals, teams and organisations grow sustainably.
  • Understanding people’s focus, priorities, and behaviour and support the development of a growth mindset in people
  • Understanding desirable and undesirable behaviours when developing a workplace that drives engagement and productivity
  • Mapping the current and desired work environment and creating a route to achieve the desired goal
Team dynamics
and performance
  • Mapping the human and situational factors that promote or inhibit performance
  • Building consensus around the behaviours that directly impact performance
  • Improving the overall capacity to engage and carry out strategic plans
Sustainable growth for organisations
  • Designing a workplace experience that drives engagement and productivity
  • Supporting interpersonal communication and collaboration
  • Continually improving the experience of key stakeholders and their changing needs

30+ nationalities

People from over 30 countries have been using the Quality of Interaction tool.

0.8+ reliability

Cronbach's Alpha is above 0.8 for all constructs, meaning the internal consistency is more than adequate compared to industry standards.

100+ organisations

People from over 100 organisations have been using the Quality of Interaction tool.


Using the Comparative Fit Index and Root Mean Square Error of Approximation, the tool shows very promising results for a solid base for the construct validity.

2500+ norm-referenced

This tool is norm-referenced, meaning that the scores are compared to others that have completed the assessment.


Qualified and experienced practitioners running all worldwide sessions, providing new insights to individuals, teams and organisations.

What is the Quality of Interaction® (Qi)

The Quality of Interaction® is an assessment that maps the levels of psychological safety in an environment and the effect of it on people’s engagement. Psychological safety is a shared belief held by people that it’s OK to take risks, to express ideas and concerns, to speak up with questions, and to admit mistakes — all without fear of negative consequences.

The Quality of Interaction concept was developed by Alison Reynolds and David Lewis and is backed by scientific research and more than ten years of practical application helping individuals, teams and organisations worldwide move towards developing human environments that support performance at the highest level through people’s interactions.

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Qi Index

Shift to an agile growth mindset

The Qi assessment and team debrief is the starting point of an ongoing dialogue towards developing human environments that support high performance through people’s interactions. 

What are the behaviours that need to be strengthened and which behaviours should be let go of? And how can we make the best use of the diverse talents and perspectives of our people to continue growing? 

The Qi identifies these elements and plots them in a map that enables a clear visual trajectory towards a generative environment where psychological safety and cognitive diversity are enhanced to deliver performance and innovation.

Quality of Interaction Certified Practitioners use the insights and their own expertise to help people learn to best manage the qualities of people to achieve strategic goals while solving complex challenges.

Engage in growth

Engage in growth taking people's full potential into account.

Identify behaviours

Identify the behaviours of people that enhance or inhibit performance.

Map key elements

Map key elements that effect people's ability to proactively anticipate and respond to challenges and opportunities.

Quality of Interaction

Visualise why people manage conflicts and engage.

Create the right environment to enhance performance

The Qi assessment explores the key elements that affect the ability of people to proactively anticipate and respond to challenges and opportunities: psychological safety and cognitive diversity.

The environment’s  impact on performance is described by the interaction between people: the dominant behaviours, emotions, and habits that people perceive in the ecosystem. 

Taking the assessment involves reflecting on two moments in time: the current and the ideal situation; where we are now and where we want to get to.

By combining the individual reflections and quickly creating a team image, the route towards creating the right environment to enhance performance is mapped. This map shows the team’s route to developing engagement and proactively searching for growth opportunities.

360-degree vision of people and teams

The insights delivered by the Quality of Interaction® can involve the self-perception and also the perceptions of others that have closely collaborated with that environment. 

The self-perception is based on inner reflection and knowledge of one’s feelings, thoughts and behaviours throughout time and in diverse settings. 

The perceptions of others are often based on the perceived behaviours and feelings in a specific temporary setting.

Complementary insights for teams and organisations

The insights delivered by the Quality of Interaction assessment show the levels of psychological safety in an environment and connects them to the levels in which cognitive diversity is benefited in the team or organisational context.

Visualising how people process knowledge and how they prefer to use their own expertise is necessary to build cognitively diverse teams that will deliver the right results within the organisation’s life cycle. 

The AEM-Cube® assessment maps the unique natural capacity of people to contribute to growth in different settings in the scope of an organisation’s life cycle.

Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse

To learn more about the research that links cognitive diversity, performance, and problem-solving skills, read the article published by Alison Reynolds and David Lewis, Teams solve problems faster when they’re more Cognitively Diverse published by Harvard Business Review.

Case study: “Qi was the evidence needed to unlock conversations”

How a leadership team within Network Rail shifted the level of psychological safety and inclusion, using the Quality of Interaction Index, ABP award nominated tooling.

Network Rail’s (NR) strategy of Putting Passengers First is a radical step change that addresses the polarity of delivering a better service whilst continuing to improve NR’s safety record. Over the past two years, there has been, and continues to be, many challenges to deliver the strategy including covid-19, organisational restructures, ongoing operational issues but more significantly, it required new ways of leading and different employee behaviours.

How advisory boards help leaders improve their business: “People can only persuade themselves by talking with others”

Advisory boards have shown to be a great help for leaders and entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges of growing a successful business. With their diversity in expert opinion, skills, knowledge and guidance, advisory boards can provide companies with non-binding strategic advice and insight. They can help an organisation test its strategic thinking and open doors to certain expertise that may not have been available otherwise (Advisory Board Centre, 2020).

How complex change can be tackled at a team level: a practical example of Nestlé Purina

What do performance, leadership, cognitive diversity and psychological safety have in common?

If you don’t immediately think of something concrete, don’t worry. In this business case, we will tell you how these concepts are all connected. We do this by means of a practical example. In this article, you can read all about the consulting process that Nestlé, the largest food and beverage organisation in the world, is currently undergoing to improve performance and sustainability.

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