The AEM-Cube

Position talent for success & strengthen your strategic diversity

We live in a rapidly changing world and everyone approaches change and growth in their own unique and valuable way. How do you organise these different perspectives and motivations? The AEM-Cube maps out how people interact naturally with change and growth. The tool is based on more than 20 years of research and helps individuals, teams and organisations worldwide to realise the growth potential of people identify and link to strategy.


The AEM Cube for individuals

Contributes to personal development, collaborations, and career choices.


The AEM-Cube for teams

Provides insight into the talents and strategic diversity within teams.

    • Nurtures mutual appreciation and understanding for everyone’s unique contribution to team performance.
    • Maps the cognitive and strategic diversity of teams by pooling individual contributions.
    • Helps analyse and predict team dynamics to ensure sustainable growth, even as the composition or environment of the team or organisation changes.

The AEM-Cube for organisations

Helps meet the organisation’s strategic challenges.

    • Provides insight into connecting the optimal contributions of individuals to the strategic objectives in the organisation.
    • Links the growth potential of people to the natural growth cycle of the organisation.
    • Helps to realise innovation, self-management, and change processes.

“Breathing new life into any company is not a mystery, it is just a matter of finding and deploying energy. Once an organisation understands what energises its employees, it can tap into the under-used  potential to continue or regain succes. We did that with the help of Human Insight, and the AEM-Cube is ideally suited to help provide teams and people the insights into what drives them to perform.”

– Tabitha Scott

The AEM-Cube in practice

The video below briefly explains what the AEM-Cube is and what this tool can be used for.

Harvard Business Review

The video below explains the article in HBR by our business partners Alison Reynolds and David Lewis.

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