The ACT-Cube

Use the power of your organisational culture for healthy sustainable growth and performance

Strategic responsiveness and willingness to change are essential to achieve healthy and sustainable growth and performance. The ACT-Cube makes these two key concepts visible in a unique way in business units of all sizes, such as (project) teams or departments.

Strategic responsiveness is expressed in two of the three dimensions of the ACT Cube: Attachment and Time. Attachment measures the extent to which the emphasis is on technical content (for example, product development) or on relationship development (for example, market or account development). Time echoes the phases of the Growth-Curve: is the business unit focus on past experiences or opportunities in the future?

Readiness for change arises from the dynamic pattern of countless interactions that develop trust, attachment, commitment, good values, good branding and good service. We call this pattern of interactions Consistency, the third dimension measured by the ACT-Cube.


The ACT-Cube for organisations

Helps accomplish the strategic challenges of the organisation.
    • Provides insight into the strength of the organisational culture and helps to predict what the dynamics and possible impediments are to healthy and sustainable growth.
    • Visualises the strategic diversity in the organisation from within the organisational culture.
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    • Connects organisational culture and performance of business units to the strategy and vision of the organisation.
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The ACT-Cube for business units

Helps accomplish a business unit’s strategic challenges.
    • Maps the key strategic features of the business unit to predict the business unit’s ability to achieve its objectives.
    • Compares expected contribution with actual contribution to anticipate challenges.
    • Provides insight into communication and collaboration patterns within and between business units for a healthy work environment.
“The ACT-Cube is ideal for extracting the problem areas in any highly complex system and making the problems easily accessible. It provides organisations with a quick way to diagnose where problems between groups lie and how to solve them almost immediately.

– Prof. Peter Robertson, M.D. & Prof. dr. Wouter Schoonman

The ACT-Cube in practice

The video below briefly explains what the ACT-Cube is and what this tool can be used for.

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