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Will Samson

In my career spanning more than 30 years, I’ve focused on two things: helping people navigate change and guiding them to make their best contributions to any challenge. My first job outside of college was in politics, leading 28 political campaigns in the Southeastern United States for eight years. I made the transition to the IT world, where I worked in technical roles as a hardware and software architect. But even in that sector, most of my work was about helping people through change. As Chief of Computing for a major American university in the early 1990s, I wired the entire campus and brought the Internet to every student.

During the heyday of dot-com, I had a start-up called SmartMinistry that provided administrative tools to nonprofit religious organisations based on the belief that most people joined those organisations so they could care for others, not with budgets and membership databases. Most recently, I led the IT change management efforts for a major defense industry merger in the Washington, DC area, where I was able to help the leadership focus on the people side of change, even in technology adoption.

I left the corporate world for eight years to get a PhD in Sociology. That social perspective, combined with my master’s degree in information systems and my ICF certified coaching training, allows me to have both an individual and a group perspective on the work I bring to teams and organisations through Inzet. The desire to lead people through uncertain times also motivates the work I do in other areas of my life. I helped set up an organisation called Common Change 17 years ago, where we work to eliminate economic isolation. I continue to mentor that group, and it has now grown in the US and in three countries.