Radoua Chaara

Human Insight Nederland
Project Manager


Radoua Chaara

In 2020, I received my pre-university education diploma at the Barlaeus Gymnasium in Amsterdam. After this, I immediately started my current study of Management and Organisation Science at VU University Amsterdam. How do you get people on board with changes? Why does this sometimes fail? How does an organisation take into account influences from the outside world? These are various issues that we deal with within the study.

During an activity of the study association, my interest in consulting, especially management consulting, was awakened. This growing interest and my search for a job where I could gain more practical experience brought me to Human Insight.

Within Human Insight, I work as a Junior Project Manager. This means that I support the project managers and do everything behind the scenes to make the delivery of projects possible. In my spare time, I like sports, reading a good book and spending time with my friends and family.