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Mirjam Altena

Learning and developing when it matters

Every person is unique and learns differently, every team, department, organisation and network is unique and learns differently. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, but in customisation. The real development and insights come from using and working with what is happening in the moment. I support people, teams and sometimes even entire organisations to safely discuss what previously seemed unspeakable.

My name is Mirjam and I was trained as a Cultural Anthropologist. As an organisational coach, trainer and team coach I have worked in many different industries and sectors, from banking to profit, from family and manufacturing companies to the public sector. I like to get people moving to achieve better results. I use my specialisations in Lean/Toyota Management (trained in Japan) and team coaching. And I use my theater background as a trainer actor in a targeted manner.

I believe that change in organisations works just like in a starling cloud. Each bird has its role, but at the same speed. And the change starts in the middle. In a way that the deviation is not too great (because that would lead to collisions) and enough to make the outer shell of the cloud make crazy movements. In short: we must ensure that we can be followed by everyone and at the same time set ambitious goals.