Magali Coello

Human Insight Netherlands
Head of International Relations

Magali Coello

What do people and organisations need to realise their full potential? Do they have to explore, learn, change, do, discover, organise? How can they get there while enjoying the experience? And how can we help and grow together?

These are questions that keep me busy with learning and taking on new challenges in different countries and cultures.

Growing up in Mexico and the Netherlands in a proactive, international and entrepreneurial family has helped me face new challenges, think globally and act locally.

Working in organisations large and small, while simultaneously studying Marketing Communications, Documentary Film and Educational Science, I have developed a basic strategic framework that allows me to approach situations with an innovative and practical perspective while enjoying my work.

My own experience starting and growing a business is the source of hands-on learning with personal satisfaction through innovating, creating and training successful teams.

By working with Human Insight, my next step is to help companies grow while developing the natural talent of people, in public and/or private organisations.