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Joris Martens

My mission is to lead organisations towards a sustainable future. Clients describe me as sharp, committed and resourceful. In summary, I help teams and leaders to be agile, which means we are continuously learning and able to adapt to the rapidly changing environment. I am a consultant, facilitator, trainer and executive coach.

I found my calling during my study Kaospilots. The name tells the story; surf the waves of chaos with a diverse team. Therein lies the creative capacity to innovate and learn deeply.

For the past 15 years I have focused on organisational development, the last seven years my focus has shifted to leadership and ‘agile’ working. I have led large organisation ‘transformations’ and guided smaller organisations. My heart beats faster when I can take groups on a strategic and operational level a big step further.

Work is the most important form of meaning for me; I am also active as a mountain guide, drummer and I like to cycle long distances.