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Fran Willis White

I was working on Wall Street when I participated in a personal development and self-awareness workshop. I saw and felt the power of experiential activities to not only accelerate learning but to integrate that learning immediately and permanently.  These workshops were considered “woo woo” at the time, so I made it my mission to figure out how to take that woo-woo to the corporate world. I left Wall Street to learn the tools and the business of training and of leadership development.  Change leadership has turned out to be the perfect vehicle for exploring what used to be considered “woo” but is now understood to be the foundation of accountability, agility, and speed through resistance. 

I am a Change & Leadership Consultant and Executive Advisor. My work in the fields of change leadership and growth consciousness spans more than 25 years and hundreds of collaborations with clients and consulting firms.

I specialize in developing executive leadership and galvanizing teams to support sustained organizational excellence. I collaborate with boutique and global consulting firms to offer change leadership, change management and strategic talent development programs in support of large-scale transformation initiatives.

Each of my client engagements is fully customized. My approach is driven by a clearly articulated intention and is a blend of my expertise in business, experiential learning, philosophy, the psychology of human performance and the neuroscience of change dynamics and leadership. Our client/consultant teams then co-create solutions for organizational transformation, accelerated innovation initiatives, performance improvement and culture transformation.

I am grateful for the quality and longevity of my client relationships. I attribute my client’s successes to our keeping the focus on timeless and unconditional principles of human performance—intention, self-awareness, accountability, emotional intelligence, and change literacy. I temper my direct and sometimes provocative communication with wisdom, humor, and keen insight to help my clients embrace the paradox that what doesn’t change is the key to leading successful individual and organizational behavior change.

I am a graduate of Douglass College of Rutgers University, where I majored in the Sociology of Religion and Women’s Studies. As one might expect, my first post-college career was as an options trader for a major Wall Street brokerage.