Dinja van Meegersen

Human Insight Nederland

Digital Designer


Dinja van Meegersen

I graduated from the Willem de Kooning academy with a Bachelor of Arts in illustration. Here, I specialised in the commercial side of design, especially Branding. During this education, I carried out various freelance assignments, such as Brand Design, Book design and designing stationery products. I also gained knowledge of business, working for MTV and Nickelodeon as a designer. Here I made designs for social media, among other things, learned to work in the desired corporate identity and made extensive use of the Adobe package.

Besides illustration, I wanted to further expand my knowledge with graphic design. This, combined with my fascination for human behaviour, brought me to Human Insight. Here, I will be involved in the visual aspect of the company, think print design, data visualisations, web design, powerpoints and much more.

In my spare time, I am very interested in being creative, playing games, cooking and music. In the future, I hope to set up my own company where I will be involved in illustrations and graphic design and will work on commission for various clients.