Charlotte Picavet

Human Insight Nederland
Senior Manager Leadership Development Programmes

Charlotte Picavet

I graduated from Leiden University in Applied Cognitive Psychology with specialisation areas in Consultancy and User Experience. During my studies, my fascination for human thinking and behaviour was sparked: how can we arrange the world in such a way that it compliments our natural functioning, instead of constantly having to adapt to our environments? With that question in mind, I looked at the systems, products and solutions around us and often thought: this must be done better.

As a student, I was active at De Kleine Consultant where my passion for strategy consultancy, project management and customer contact arose. Solving complex challenges with the human aspect in mind gives me a lot of energy. I currently act as a member of the Advisory Council for the Leiden department of this organisation. Here, during my coaching sessions with students, I noticed that focusing on the strengths of people can make not only themselves but also the organisation flourish.

These experiences have brought me to Human Insight. Optimal use of human potential to create an efficient and pleasant working environment is exactly in line with my own vision. In addition, converting scientific research into practical solutions to take organisations in different growth phases to a higher level is the perfect combination for me between my academic background and intrinsic need to make a real impact on the world. Within Human Insight, I am involved in project management, product research and customer experience research for the website.

In my spare time, I like to go out with friends, develop my drawing skills or watch bad horror movies. In addition, I like to unleash my inner nerd at Comic-Con or work through my anime list.