S Curve

S Curve


The AEM-cube® is fundamentally different from standard psychology-based tools that are used so widely in organisations. 

Modern biological concepts, developed by Nobel Prize winning ethologists, identify the human instinctive systems of ‘attachment’ and ‘exploration’. The natural, characteristic, performance contribution that each of us will make emerges from the interaction of these systems. 

The AEM-cube® makes this visible - providing a unique analysis on performance.  As a result of this it is often more understandable to performance driven executives and shareholders. This feature is a hallmark that speaks to P&L responsible managers and leaders, strategists and investors as well as HR and OD professionals wanting to make a connection between their talent and the business.

The AEM-cube® is a 360° feedback instrument.  The resulting report shows an individual's and teams' posture towards change, challenges, task and purpose.  This enables individuals to understand their performance within a team.  The report links the need for diversity of thinking with the need for congruence of vision, value and behaviour as a platform to building powerful teams, and increasing trust and performance.

The AEM-cube® gathers data on 3 scales: attachment, maturity and exploration:




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